What and How?

This project will create an online tool with OER in the field of Ecotourism, using the language of today’s high education students.


Nowadays students are accustomed to turning to the web and social media for information and interaction but it has been showed that more often do not find results of quality.


There is a ton of awesome information on the Internet but if you are not an expert it’s difficult to tell the good from the bad. This project will develop a virtual social environment promoting active methodologies in the sense of a flipped classroom approach. It will enrich teaching in Universities and colleges by providing a social media tool that is safe to use and easy to implement.

It is a recognized feature of the partners that working in collaboration with European institutions which provide distance learning and ICT-based methodologies can have benefits in the short term and in the long term as well by changing students and teachers mentalities in education. In this project the teaching-learning process of the target group will suffer an expected change.

vector illustration of human networking along globe

The student will take the responsibility of their own learning process and together with the trainers will develop materials and tests.


Through the benefits of social networks and a more active methodology, the students will learn at their own pace, speed through content provided, review content, share knowledge, share opinions and discuss about the content and the learning process.

This project will create visual representations as OER and a test maker tool providing benefits to high education students and a students’ engagement.


A test piloting will be finished by the end of the two-years project involving real students in order to observe the increase of opportunities for feedback and the improvement of the student learning and the level of engagement.


Moreover it is intended to organize  conferences and seminars, exploiting results and disseminating the good practice and results. Participants will go beyond this project and its results and products will be exploited.