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All transnational meetings that will take care of the creation and the future development of design ideas:


Austria is organizing the first transnational meeting which will take place the last week of april 2015 .


SOLE SOCIAL meeting Linz 2015


has hosted all SOLE partners in Linz.


From April 27th to 30th 2015 the BFI venue held the first transnational meeting. During the meeting the SOLE social was launched and all partners analyzed the main facilities of the social. 

linz FIRST MEETING sole social

New and interesting properties were added to the social and a pedagogical guide was also outlined while a streaming videoconference with USPU was taking place. The meeting set the basis of our future duties and controlled the main responsabilities of each partner. It should be also highlighted how the testing process with real students will take place by the end of 2015.


The meeting passed by smoothly and our time there was evaluated as suberb. Linz is a lovely city which lies on the Danube. Linz cultivates vitality and culture, and particularly on the Danube, this comes to obvious fruition. The Danube is a stage for life in Linz.

SOLE SOCIAL meeting Linz 2015 (1)

bg-daThe second transnational meeting in January 2016 in Sofia


has hosted all SOLE partners in Sofia.


Sofia, Bulgaria 28th-30th January 2016

Present: BDA (Bulgaria) – meeting organizers; CEEDCV (Spain) – project managers; BFI (Austria); Geodata (Italy); Il Geco (Italy); KSC (Poland); Mayor-Formation (France)



28 January

  1. Webinars
  • To be held in the next two months
  • Number of partners should be 10+ people
  • Participants: teachers/instructors; tourism professionals; interested stakeholders; students
  • Structure of meeting to follow Webinar Template Guide


  1. Dissemination Events
  • Mayor-Formation (France) is in charge of the dissemination process
  • Need to create content of events, activities and actions of SOLE Social group
  • Idea to post ONE new event/content each week for each partner beginning end of January until final event in May
  • Can be a link to another event, a book, some activity in the local area etc.
  • Brochures to be created and distributed by members
  • Newsletter for early May
  • Any other activities, conferences, meetings?


  1. Open Educational Resources
  • Uploaded videos from CEEDCV (Spain) and BFI (Austria)
  • KSC (Poland) in process
  • Il Geco (Italy) and USPU (Russia) to be done
  • Translation into English/German/Spanish by KSC Poland students
  • Texts of the videos in English/German/Spanish for translation by early April
  • Mayor-Formation (France) will be in charge of the French version
  • BDA (Bulgaria) will be in charge of a Bulgarian version


  1. Piloting
  • Continuation of piloting
  • Topics:
    1. Historical and Rural Areas – KSC Poland and USPU Russia
    2. Biking and Hiking – CEEDCV Spain and BFI Austria
    3. Geoparks – Il Geco Italy
  • 3 students/participants from each institution; 15 students in all divided into 3 groups = 5 per group



30 January

  1. SOLE SOCIAL Platform Category Plan
  • The SOLE was explained to be an open source education tool without borders, groups or restrictions
  • The idea is to allow users to post information and make this available to other users
  • With this in mind, the group agreed to change the category titles to follow the Erasmus+ subject area list (currently 16 topics)
  • The head category list WILL NOT be allowed to change
  • Users will be allowed to create SUB-CATEGORIES under the head categories
  • The question of cross-referencing interdisciplinary topics was raised
  • And the creation/deleting of groups by users/administrators



  1. Dissemination Activities
  • Revise and clarify what has already been achieved by each partner
  • Publish the information on the SOLE platform, website and social media feeds
  • Il Geco (Italy) plan to publish article in academic journal
  • E-Twinning Platform to be created
  • All documents should be proofread before publication (KSC Poland to do this)
  • CEEDCV (Spain) presented their flyer and BDA (Bulgaria) the first newsletter – PDF copies to be made for all
  • Mayor-Formation (France) are responsible for Dissemination and publicity



  1. Quality Guide
  • Needed to evaluate meetings, outputs, webinars/conferences, co-operation and overall communication
  • Discussions centred on the quality management of the SOLE piloting process and the need for clear questionnaire based on the Pedagogical Guide
  • Quality management of meetings already in place; quality management of other functions yet to be developed
  • BDA (Bulgaria) are responsible for Quality Management
Transnational meeting valencia 2016

transnational meetingsThe third transnational meeting in May 2016 in Valencia


has hosted all SOLE partners in Valencia.


May 14-15-16 th 2016 VALENCIA

SOLE TRANSNATIONAL MEETING European Conference on Innovation in Education and Ecotourism


The European Erasmus+ project on high education SOLE (Social Open Learning Environment), coordinated by the CEEDCV (Spain), has organized a multiplier event on a One-Day Conference on Innovation in Education and  Ecotourism”with the participation of the education sector, social agents and also enterpreneurs and skateholders from the  tourism sector.





The One-Day Conference was held on Saturday May 14th in the Complejo la Petxina located in Valencia. Remarkable speakers at local and international level presented communications around three main themes: the importance of European projects, innovative practices in high education, best practices of tourism and ecotourism practices in the Region of Valencia.

During the Conference there were chances to introduce the audience to the SOLE SOCIAL and its potential in the teaching/learning practices and it was evaluated in a very positive way.

Other institutions like Invattur, the Conselleria de Medioambiente of Valencia, the Coordinadora de los Bosques del Túriz and the City Town hall of Riba-roja presented their projects and work on Tourism and its incidence in society.

A European atmosphere was created by including speakers from Germany, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom. Roland Klug from Germany presented an interesting paper about procedures and techniques to reduce the number of dropdown in adult population. The communication was supported by means of a live animated visual presentation. Manju Nair from Changemakers in London talked about the the importance of introducing the multicultural and social competences in education in order to adapt education to the current times and train the new citizens of the 21st. century.


Two partners of the SOLE project from Krosno and Milano, Chris Brighton and Giovanni Grieco introduced their papers about collaborative methodologies in high education and a case of study on Geoparks in Europe.


The european meeting with the SOLE project partners continued on Sunday May  15th, with a guided visit to the unique Geopark in the Region of Valencia, located in the town of Xera and Sot de Xera. This visit supported one of the key goals of this  European project.


On  Monday  May 16th, all partners met in the CEEDCV to officially start the project meeting and discuss important facts and topics to improve our final outputs and results.


The social network SOLE created by this strategic partnership is innovative and unique at the moment. The partnership has been promoted internationally and there has been numerous dissemination events supported by scientific publications. We invite all of you to join the SOLE social and become a member.

transnational meetings

transnational meetingsThe last transnational meeting in July 2016 in Krosno