SOLE SOCIAL born to communicate and interact all world of teaching, in the belief that the sharing of experience and the promotion of thematic events may prove useful to users who have passions and interests.

SOLE SOCIAL offers users greater freedom to share and touch and aims to achieve its purpose on the basis of certain principles at the basis of the rights and responsibilities of service users SOLE SOCIAL.

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  1. Freedom of sharing and contact Users have the freedom to share the information they want, with any media and in any format, and have the right to contact anyone online, any person, organization or service, provided that both agree to the contact.
  2. Ownership and control of information Each user is the owner of their information. Each user has the freedom to share this information with anyone you want and take it with you anywhere, as well as the freedom to remove them from service SOLE SOCIAL. Users have the freedom to decide with whom to share information and to set privacy controls to protect those decisions. These controls, however, are not able to limit the mode of use of the information from the users who receive them, in particular outside of the service SOLE SOCIAL.
  3. Free flow of information Users have the freedom to access all the information made available to them by other users.
  4. Equality fundamental Each person (individual, advertiser, developer, organization or other entity) is represented and has access to distribution and information within the service SOLE SOCIAL, independently from the core of the person. There is a single set of principles, rights and responsibilities apply to all users of the service SOLE SOCIAL.
  5. Social Value Users have the freedom to create their own reputation and build trust through their identity and their contacts, and their presence on SOLE SOCIAL should not be removed for reasons other than those described in the Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of SOLE SOCIAL.
  6. Key facility Users can use SOLE SOCIAL free to create a presence, get in touch with other users and share information with them. Each person should be able to use the service of SOLE SOCIAL regardless of their level of participation or contribution.
  7. Wellness common The rights and responsibilities of SOLE SOCIAL and its users are described in a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which must not be inconsistent with the present Principles.
  8. Process of transparency SOLE SOCIAL makes publicly available information about its purposes, plans, policies and operations. SOLE SOCIAL reserves a public space for notifications and comments also to encourage the sending of suggestions to be made to these Principles or to the Rights and responsibilities.
  9. Social cosmopolitan The service SOLE SOCIAL transcends geographical boundaries and national and can be available to users worldwide. We strive to keep SOLE SOCIAL active, error-free and safe, but you agree to use it at your own risk. SOLE SOCIAL is provided as is, without warranty either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

We can not guarantee that it will always be SOLE SOCIAL secure or free from errors or that it will always work without interruptions, delays or imperfections.