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SOLE social guide

sole social activity streamACTIVITY STREAM

A powerful stream with a fun share box. This is the core of SOLE SOCIAL. Your members can post a status and add videos, photos, moods and location.


Friends can comment, like and share with privacy control that’s simple, secure and flexible. Privacy. Members want to be sure that their information is protected. SOLE SOCIAL allows them to choose the privacy level of each post and even modify it later. DISCOVER MORE

sole social profilePROFILE PREFERENCES

Profile Page. Let your members express themselves. Every member is unique and so is their profile. The profile page shows answers to profile questions, status posts, a list of friends, photos and videos, and any apps they choose to include.


Profile Preferences are accessed through the Toolbar navigation from the Profile tab. These options allow the user to set various preferences for each individual profile. DISCOVER MORE

guide sole social

sole social friendsFRIENDS

Friend system. This allows users to add other users to their Friends List. One of the most basic purposes of a social network is adding friends.


SOLE SOCIAL allows everyone to easily add friends from multiple locations on the site


The Friends system also allows the user to invite, by email, the user’s friends who are not already in the network, or to search for friends in the network. DISCOVER MORE

sole social photos videosPHOTOS – VIDEOS

In SOLE SOCIAL, photo albums can only be created from the Frontend of the site. Login to the SOLE SOCIAL and select the Photos menu from the Toolbar.


To upload photos, the user will first have to enable Photo Galleries and have at least one album created. If sharing images from Share Box, the default user album is automatically created. You can share video too and more other.   DISCOVER MORE

SOLE social guide

sole social groupGROUPS

There are two types of SOLE SOCIAL Groups. Public Groups – Anyone can join and view all of the contents found in a public group, even without joining. Private Groups – all of the contents of a private group cannot be viewed by anyone, except the group members, managers, administrators, and Super Users.


Assigning Additional Group Admins. It is possible for a group to have more than one Admin.  DISCOVER MORE

sole social eventEVENTS

Events is a built-in core feature which allows community members to announce and promote new events on the site. It is designed to fit most communities and allows users to quickly promote their events. Events are not mandatory and can be completely disabled at any time.

You have the ability to moderate the events created on your space. An Event Administration Options sidebar will appear on the event page. DISCOVER MORE


SOLE social guide