SOLE SOCIAL, social educational training. This is a special place, where they can share in the open form education and this leads to incredible successes. SOLE SOCIAL a unique social and concrete, not generalist extremely suitable for those involved in schools of education.


Are you a school organization? It would be nice to be at the window from the square and say, “Hello, I’m not only a friend and a good neighbor, but I also have something to offer that might serve you.”


Are you a teacher? SOLE SOCIAL you will not only be an effective member of a very special community, but will allow you to stand out and bring your courses, giving the community the opportunity to find you, because what you can offer and ‘important for everyone.


Any operator lecturer / teacher gets tangible benefits to be found in the social. SOLE SOCIAL offers a free base where every subject creates professional courses directly, specific groups and events in support of its specific activity (in addition to several other possible actions).

Not competition but cooperation!

  1. Replacing the facebook pages with only social
  2. Opportunity to be visible for Centres of Education also
  3. Organize your class and manage it through group
  4. Create online courses and follow all students
  5. Organizers of Stages and Events
  6. Leverage a social platform complete
  7. Being in the same container with all students
  8. Not only approach but propose directly to the student
  9. Create online test
  10. Create certificate diploma course
  11. Use chat with document sharing interagibile
  12. Create chatroom theme and with the highest share
  13. To promote their courses via post
  14. And much more anchors (in and participate directly)
  15. SOLE SOCIAL a unique social and practical, with a decidedly specialized confined to education. The social ideal for teaching and learning.
  16. Your space “professional” community SOLE SOCIAL allows you to:
  17. Sign up and have social relationships with your students / target demographic.
  18. Tighten friendship with any other teacher.
  19. Propose collaborations courses or experiences.
  20. Participate in conversations theme.
  21. Listen to feedback on school products and optimize information.
  22. Create school events and promotion courses.
  23. Share in the community videos and webinars.
  24. Share photos of parts of the course
  25. Share manuals and instructions guide courses
  26. Creation of groups related to their courses
  27. Creating specific chat rooms
  28. Direct use chat to interact directly online

And much more!

Your Profile “professional” allows the inclusion of your logo and the creation of promotional messaging of your course and lesson with full access to all the functions available.