Red and white life buoy isolated on blue backgroundSOLE SOCIAL for all STUDENTS

Follow both the teacher and the student?


SOLE SOCIAL allows you to create you a specific space for you that you’re in school. Being in community among students, teachers and school organizations leads to create strong bonds with the same shared interests.


SOLE SOCIAL a unique social and practical, with a decidedly specialized confined to the world of learning. The Social perfect for everyone, teachers, students and school organizations.


SOLE SOCIAL for everyone. Here’s an example of what you can share with other friends.



  1. Find information sharing for education
  2. Attend curiosity inherent in your studio. Posting videos, pictures or articles
  3. Find out from your friends a different form to learn more suitable
  4. Retrieve more information about what you are studying
  5. Share criticism of books or educational videos
  6. Having real-time news from your circle of friends or teachers
  7. Find answers and advice on shared problems
  8. Figure out which events you can follow
  9. Follow many stages and themed events
  10. Follow school groups to be updated
  11. Find many other students or teachers, and communicate directly with them
  12. Organize part of their free time, directly consulting with friends
  13. Find your friends close, to choose new ones that follow your subject
  14. Find out more about your teacher and get close to him better
  15. Exchanging views on the courses taken with friends
  16. Form groups of purchase for any school supplies
  17. Multiply the adepts to your group organized by topics
  18. Be aware / informed
  19. And many other things (in and you discover them)