HOW REPORT A VIOLATIONReporting offensive content


If you see something on SOLE SOCIAL you deem to be a violation of our terms, you can report them. We do note that the report of a content does not guarantee removal from the site.


Given the diversity of our community, it is possible that something in your eyes is unacceptable or annoying does not necessarily have to be removed or blocked according to our criteria in the matter.


For this reason we also offer personal settings that allow users to choose what to see, for example, you have the ability to hide or cut relations with people, pages or applications that you consider offensive in a simple and discreet.

SOLE SOCIAL also ensures through your alerts you to be protected during your operations on the platform

How to report a violation of intellectual propertyHow to report a violation of intellectual property

SOLE SOCIAL respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and undertakes to help them protect their rights. Our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, users may not post content that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. When we receive a valid notification of alleged intellectual property infringement, we remove or disable access to content object of the violation. If the situation requires it, we proceed further to the closure of the accounts of repeat infringers. Rights holders will be able to report any violations of copyright and other intellectual property from users who publish content on the site by contacting the manager via the contact form (please note that the Copyright protects the creative work, such as music or movies. The Trademark protects brand names and logos used to identify companies and their products).