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Xian Dissemination CHINA:

May 12 2015, STATE COLLEGE KROSNO presentation of SOLE to the Global Partners in Education (GPE) Organization in Xian, China. This was part of the 8th Annual GPE meeting. The GPE are involved in online education and training. The SOLE is an attractive proposition for the organization and further meetings are planned.

GPE VIII is the eight annual conference of Global Partners in Education. Teachers, technical support personnel and administrators from around the world will gather at Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU), in Xi’an China May 11-16, 2015 to discuss their experiences in GPE activities, share best practices, and plan for future events. SNNU is creating a productive and culture enriching agenda of meetings and activities for participants. An Educational Cultural Field Seminar will highlight unique aspects of the history and culture of the region including the walled city of Xi’an, ancient capital of China and the Terra Cotta Warriors.

dissemination sole social valencia 2015


During the 20th and 21st of 2015 the Fourth Conference on Innovation in Higher Education was held at the Faculty of Economy of the city of Valencia, organized by the Faculty of Education, Florida University and the Faculty of Economics of Valencia. The activities took place in Room Ignasi Villalonga of the Faculty of Economy of Valencia (Spain).

The Conference brought together more than 120 participants from higher education, with more than 55 parallel communications on topics such as:

dissemination ceed cv

b) innovation and best practices in processes and evaluation tools.

c) innovative teaching resources.

d) good practice in the process of elaboration and evaluation of the TFG / TFM.

The CEEDCV as project coordinators of SOLE introduced the SOLE project to all participants within a conference titled “Use of social networks as a learning strategy”

The University of Valencia (University of Tourism) has expressed interest in including students in the test phase of the social network.

Valencia Dissemination SOLE SOCIAL SPAIN:

2015, Taken place in Valencia in the Congress of Innovation in High Education.

CEEDCV has participated in July at the 4th Conference of Innovation in Education in Valencia (University of Economics).

CEEDCV has promote SOLE Social project.

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September 2015 PragueIl GECO took part to the WMESS (World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium) that was held in Prague between September 5th and 9th ( . Prof. Giovanni Grieco gave an oral presentation of SOLE project with a focus on geotouristic outputs from Il GECO. The presentation was inserted in the session Geoheritage and Geoparks.

SOLE SOCIAL project was praised as a very valuable tool for dissemination of geosciences in general and of ecotouristic and geotouristic activities in specific. During the following discussion a common view of sciences dissemination was shared, and contacts with researchers in science dissemination from Camerun, Portugal and Czech Republic were attained.


The dissemination of Geoscience education through Geoparks and geosites:

the SOLE  SOCIAL (Social Open Learning Environment) Erasmus+

project Grieco G.1 , Merlini A.2 , Porta M.1 , Caironi V.1 , Reggiori D.3 , Rassios A.4 , Ghikas D.4 1 Università degli Studi di Milano, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra “A. Desio”, Via Botticelli 23, 20133, Milano, Italy 2 Associazione Il Geco, S.P. 1, km 1, 20083, Gaggiano (Mi), Italy 3 Geologist and AIGAE guide, Laveno (Va), Italy 4 Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Lefkovrisi, 50100, Kozani, Greece.

The global community is facing a variety of pivotal challenges such as sustainable development, global climate change and natural hazards: these require the development of policies and actions to prevent a rapid deterioration of our planet’s conditions in the near future. An increase in awareness of the role of Geosciences, at all levels of society, is essential to face such challenges and to formulate common global policies leading to sustainable behaviours. The SOLE project’s goal is to create a friendly environment to share scientific knowledge with the general adult population as well as secondary schools and university students. The Associazione Il Geco, within the SOLE framework, is developing multimedia content for the dissemination of geoscience knowledge and environmental awareness. Il Geco aims to involve people culturally but also emotionally with some of the following approaches:

  • Emphasis on a close connection between a population with its territory • The presence in the territory of the community of Geoparks, Natural Parks and geosites • Concepts of geotourism • Formal educational activities within schools

The Il Geco program identified three test areas in Italy and Greece that are favourable for the development of the project.

1)The first area is the UNESCO Val Sesia Val Grande Geopark, in Piedmont. Val Grande is the largest wilderness area in the Italian Alps and exposes on easily accessible paths a variety of geological themes, such as a cross section from the moho to the intermediate continental crust and the contact between the Alps s.s. and the South-alpine domain. Val Sesia hosts a number of geosites and important geological formations (deep crustal rocks and “moho” outcrops). Several geosites are related to the Ivrea Verbano mafic-ultramafic complex. This Geopark has a well-developed network of products and activities for geotourism, but needs more integrated activities to involve school and university students.

2) The second area is the preAlpine environment within Varese district that hosts the Campo dei Fiori Regional Natural Park. There is no Geopark, and geotouristic activities, although present, are not highly developed. Geologic features include glacial geomorphology, Permian lava quarries, active travertine sites, karstic landscapes, and a great number of abandoned mines.

3)The third area is the Grevena-Tethys Geopark in the Pindos (Northern Greece), at present an applicant for UNESCO European Geopark Network membership. This Geopark neighbours the UNESCO world heritage site of Meteora. The Grevena-Tethys area hosts valuable geotouristic attractions, as well comprising some of the “founding sites” of plate tectonic theory (the Vourinos Ophiolite Complex). Meteora is the second most visited touristic attraction of Greece, with a unique landscape of conglomerate pinnacles. These geological sites will be studied by students in Earth Sciences with supervision by regional expert scientists: they will produce geotouristic itineraries that will be presented in English, Italian, German, Spanish and French, and each will be accompanied by a presentation video.

These itineraries will be integrated into educational activities for school and university use. The final products will be shared for free in specially developed SOLE social networks and websites.

dissemination sole social valencia september 2015


The CEEDCV has also met opportunities to disseminate the SOLE social to students of the Catholic University in Valencia. Students found SOLE a very useful and innovative tool for education.

Other events include the visit to Finnovarregio in Brussels on September 25 th where SOLE social was presented to Juan Manuel Revuelta and some of the Finnovarregio staff. From that visit new opportunities to SOLE social arised.

It was proposed to contact with different municipalities and tourism offices from our region in order to collect materials, videos, leaflets, brochures and other resources related to ecotourism in order to be published inside the SOLE social. It was agreed to use SOLE social as a potential tool to disseminate good ecotouristic practices all over Europe.

Krosno Dissemination POLAND:

September 21st 2015, presentation of SOLE to the Department of English and Department of Translation Studies in Krosno State College. The presentation looked at our Erasmus+ plan and the way in which it can be used with our existing Moodle platforms for education.

dissemination polon

Yekaterinburg Dissemination RUSSIA:

October 2015,  The Official of the Centre for Academic Collaboration of Ural State Pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg, Russia Galina Babich presented the SOLE social project as a successful example of international academic collaboration at the international conference “Sutyrin’s Readings” at the History Department, USPU on October, 1st. The scope of the conference amounted to the discussion of innovative approaches to teaching in secondary and higher education. The conference was attended by more than 100 participants. Representatives of USPU’s colleges expressed interest in the coming piloting of the SOLE social. Management, faculty and students who attended the conference were requested to further disseminate the information about the SOLE social at their departments.

Dissemination SOLE SOCIAL

dissemination USPU SOLE SOCIALThe Rector and Vice-Rector on Scientific Work and Innovation of Ural State Pedagogical University (USPU), Yekaterinburg, Russia presented USPU’s opportunities for international education and cooperation at the 2nd China-Russia EXPO in Harbin, China (October 12-16, 2015). Among the issues discussed they highlighted the SOLE Social project carried out in USPU within Erasmus+ programme. The Vice-Rector pointed out that the SOLE-Social together with other forms of virtual international collaboration enhances USPU students’ academic mobility and provides them with opportunities for integration in the global professional community.

Hangzhou Dissemination CHINA & POLAND:

for 2016, Other meetings are planned for early 2016 including a Webinar with Hangzhou in China and Webinars in Poland with institutions of Higher Education and tertiary education.