Create your avatar in only 2 minutes and you will be beautiful

Males and Females

Both males and females avatars can be created. Creates free your avatar SOLE.SOCIAL and use it as you want

Graphic Data

The generator comes with more than 300 graphic parts to play with (faces, eyes, hair, clothes, etc).

Any Color!

The most outstanding feature is the ability to apply any color to the most graphic parts.

Shadows and Highlights

The Avatars maker automatically calculates colors for shadows and highlights.

create your avatar

Random Function

The script lets user to play with random combination of parts and colors. Play whit SOLE.SOCIAL opportunities

Reset Function

Also user can reset his/her avatar to initial state to start to create again. (Modal warning will appear).

Position Controls

The most parts can be adjusted by setting their positions and scale. The whole figure can be controlled too.

Transparent Background

Backgrounds can be disabled and transparent PNG will be created. So your visitor can use his/her avatar in any design projects.